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Translation and Creativity in the 21st Century

With the incessantly expanding amount of texts to be translated for the globalised market and international institutions, instrumental thinking has arguably become a part of translator training programmes, and many non- or semi-professional agents now carry out translations. Recent years have also seen heated debates around the unethical employment of poorly post-edited machine translation...

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Ethics and Technology in the Translation Industry

- Joss Moorkens - This workshop focuses on ethical concerns experienced by different stakeholders in the translation industry at various levels in translation production. These stakeholders’ responsibilities and priorities may differ depending on many factors and are strongly influenced by globalisation, a process enabled by translation and one that has transformed the increasingly distributed...

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Audio Description: If Your Eyes Could Speak

- Joel Snyder, PhD -In his introduction to the second edition of The Mastery of Movement, Rudolph Laban wrote: “What really happens in the theatre does not occur only on the stage or in the audience, but within the magnetic current between both these poles.” He suggests that the performers on stage form the “active pole of this magnetic circuit [and] are responsible for the integrity of purpose”...

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Human Factor and Ethics in Machine and CAT

- Balazs Kis, Joss Moorkens, Matej Vlačiha, Rado Tihlárik -Machines cannot understand culture. One might come to the conclusion that translation cannot be complete without the human touch. Bridging the gap between human and machine translation – neural machine translation (NMT) – has been fluently improving, fewer segments need further editing, NMT produces fewer errors and is rated highly for...

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